Taste The Coffee. 
Feel The Glory.

Join us for our breakfast on Sundays at the Grace Cafe before the service at 8:30 – 9:00am. There is tea, coffee and biscuits for everyone interested in refueling for church activities.

The Grace Café is the brainchild of the Team Reach, our welfare department, whose sole interest is to ensure that the well-being of everyone is catered to. Be free to join us at the welfare desk every Sunday at 8:30am for breakfast and also immediately after service for brunch.

Family Sundays.

We have different themes for each Sunday namely Love, Faith, Prayer and Worship. Each week, we exhort ourselves on these themes and we get deeper understanding of these pillars of exemplary Christian living.

Join us on Sundays between 9 – 11am.

Study Wednesdays.

Our midweek Bible study is an interactive, engaging moment in the presence of our Father. We unearth prophecies, godly examples and spiritual secrets from the scriptures to help us live better everyday lives.

Everyone is assigned to a group and each study group has a topic given to them prior to that date. They come up with different strategies to dissect the topic its always fun to see us interacting and learning from one another.

Join us on Wednesdays between 6 – 8pm.


Service to God. Service To The Church.

Shamal Adeolu Olaiya


Chika Mbonu


Ayooluwa Adeolu


Adebola Ibikunle


Halima Adebisi Alawiye


Mojisola Oladapo


Jedidiah Oketola


Oluwatosin Solabi


Olushola Adekunle


Joan Edidem




Jesus is our benchmark, who we strive to be like in everything we do. Jesus is the son of God, who died for the redemption of the human race at the Cross of Calvary. His birth meant God became flesh to dwell among us. He came to bridge the gap between God and Man that was broken during the fall of Adam.

His death was significant as he bore the sin of mankind and paid the ultimate price of salvation while his resurrection is our hope of eternity.

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